♨️Pepemad NFTs

If you can't be mad - You won't be rich

One of the significant components of this ecosystem is the NFT collection. The Pepemad NFTs collection is a series of unique and exclusive digital assets that are designed to capture the essence of the Pepemad meme in a new and exciting way.

The Ultra-Hype Release

In the coming future, a unique and bizarre collection of 10,000 A.I creature NFTs will be launched. The A.I creatures are carefully crafted, each with its unique characteristics, design, and traits. These NFTs will be made available to Pepemad owners who will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase and own them.

The NFTs will come with a 5% Royalty Fee when traded, which will be split as follows:

  • 1%: Ecosystem Growth Fund

  • 2%: Rewarding NFT Holders

  • 2%: Buyback and Burn Pepemad

1% will be allocated to the Ecosystem Growth Fund, which will be used to drive the development of the Pepemad ecosystem, ensuring that it continues to thrive and evolve.

A further 2% will be assigned to Rewarding NFT Holders, providing them with added incentives for holding these unique assets in their portfolios. The remaining 2% will be allocated to Buy Back and Burn Pepemad, ensuring that the value of the token will be increasing rapidly, thus boosting the profit return for Pepemad investors. Aside from their aesthetic and collectible value, these NFTs also play an essential role in the future development of the Pepemad ecosystem. Owning one of these NFTs will grant the holder exclusive access to future development benefits, providing them with a unique and rewarding experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere. On top of that these NFTs have a strong link with Pepemad P2E, meaning those who have lucky chances to own Pepemad NFT in the early stages will greatly earn future benefits from Pepemad P2E when it officially launches.

In conclusion, the upcoming release of the 10,000 A.I creature NFTs are an exciting development for the Pepemad ecosystem. With their unparalleled uniqueness and the added incentives for NFT holders, these NFTs offer a unique investment opportunity that is not to be missed. They are not only collectibles, but they also serve as a gateway to the future development of the Pepemad ecosystem, making them an essential asset for anyone looking to be a part of the Pepemad community.

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